About Us

Mission: At ChairPro your health and comfort while you work is our top priority. We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional assortment of products made from materials designed to look great, enhance your comfort, and leave you with money in your pocket whether you are an individual purchasing chairs and desks to work at home or a small, medium or large company looking to provide its workers with the best ergonomic office furniture the world has to offer.

Our products are designed to be flexible and allow you to move and flow throughout your workday energizing you and your team to better create and contribute!

 The ChairPro Culture: We value and listen to everyone we work with, from our suppliers, to our customers, workers and shareholders and believe in building long term relationships. We know our planet needs help, and while we admit we are not perfect, we are committed over time to minimizing our environmental impact, whether that means using finishes that don’t contain harmful chemicals, or sourcing wood for our desks from sustainable sources. We do our best to improve our carbon footprint.

Getting to know us: ChairPro was launched in Europe in 2011 as an E-commerce venture owned and managed by a team of seasoned American and European executives dedicated to offering smart office solutions to help businesses grow faster by helping people work smarter and improving their health in both the home and office.

 Driven by technological innovation, ChairPro rapidly evolved into a market leader with the single-minded mission to educate its customers to the benefits of Ergonomics. Very rapidly, it achieved a word of mouth reputation as a leader in Ergonomics among IT companies and other technical firms whose employees had to spend long hours working on a computer.

For a decade now, thousands of ChairPro clients have consisted of companies of every size and from every industry as well as home office customers all of whom ChairPro has strived to provide with the highest levels of service and the best designed products to make lives easier, more convenient and smarter.

 With ChairPro companies can scale their workspace quickly and make it happier, healthier, and more productive. We offer space planning and design, adaptable office furniture, fully furnished offices, and more. By building lasting relationships with our customers, we’ve created a worldwide fanbase that appreciates our commitment to quality, simplicity, and superior service. Our journey may have started with ergonomic chairs, but now we’re so much more — and we’re just getting started.

 We’ve eliminated the middlemen, long wait times, and expensive surprises, so you can keep your project on-time and in-budget. You’ll have a brand new workspace in as little as 28 days, and that includes free space planning and installation.